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Chemical Analysis by OES (Fe, SS, TS, Al, Ni, Ti)

Macro Etch, Brazing / Coating Measurement

Hardness Testing (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers)

Tensile/Compression Testing to 200,000 lb

Charpy V Noch testing down to -320º F

Weld Qualification (AWS, API, ASME)

Stress relief up to 1,700º F

Sectioning / Machining


API 1104 Tensile, Nick break, or bend test

$ 25.00 each

Tensile Testing (with sectioning and machining)

$75.00 per sample

Rebar & Bolt Proof Load

$50.00 per sample

Bend/Ductility Testing

$25.00 per sample

Charpy V Notch Impact Testing Includes  sectioning, machining and testing

$150.00 (per each set of 3)

Macro Etch of Welds (with photo)

$50.00 per sample

Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) (Bases include Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, & Ti)

$75.00 Per sample

Stress Relief up to 1600º F

Starting at $40 per hour (Pricing may vary depending on material thickness. Call for detailed quote)

Vickers Hardness Testing (Includes sectioning and sample prep)

$250.00 per sample (19 readings)

Vickers NACE MRO 175


Brinell, & Rockwell Hardness Testing

$20.00 per sample


$ 50.00 per hour

Weld Qualification (AWS, ASME, & API standards)

Starting at $250.00 (Pricing may vary, call for detailed quote)

We offer volume discounts

Call for quote if batch  is more than 5 items

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